Day 146 Risk: Get Really, Really Into A Blackhawks Game

About a week ago a good friend of mine contacted me about going to a Blackhawks preseason game tonight. Loving the opportunity to see any live sports, I, of course, said yes. I had never been to a Hawks game and I figured I should take this opportunity because who knows if it will come up again.

All day today I felt really worn down and decided to spend the afternoon on my couch. I was debating not going to the game, thinking it might be smart to rest so that my impending cold wouldn’t hit me full force. But as the time neared I still really wanted to go and so I chose to drag myself out of the comfort of my sofa and get on some red and black.

They play all their games at the United Center (yes, where Oprah filmed some of her last episodes) and we had some pretty sweet seats…

One Goal, baby, One Goal

…near one of the goals. We were in a section that had servers coming by, asking us for our drink orders and I spent most of the pregame enjoying just being in amongst the energy that vibrates in that place. Then the lights went down. Music kicked in and a slide show began, showing the stars from past and present and reliving the championship years. I could feel my excitement building.

And then there was Jim Cornelison. If you don’t know who he is, check out this clip of him singing during the playoffs two years ago. Amazing. I knew I was all in for this as tears came to my eyes by the pure beauty of his voice.

The game got started and, with the occasional explanations from my friend (who is Canadian and therefore has been watching hockey since she was in the womb), I was able to start really getting into it. I was screaming for penalty calls and watching with clenched fists as they neared the goal. When the first point was scored, I jumped up from my seat screaming, then danced my butt off to “Chelsea Dagger” by The Fratellis (the chorus is played after every goal). I clenched my hands to my heart and covered my sagging mouth when Ben Smith was hit in the jaw, knocking him out and causing him to come crashing to the ice, where he slid a few feet and remained motionless for many seconds (he eventually was able to stand with help of his teammates). And when the winning goal was scored, I clapped and screamed until my voice was hoarse, yelling obscenities at the other team and high-fiving those around me.

I have no doubt that I looked a fool and there is a good chance that the people sitting in front of me were annoyed by my yelling and screaming and dancing. I’m also pretty sure I’m going to wake up tomorrow sick. But honey badger don’t really care. Cause that was awesome.

Yeah. I think I’m officially a fan.



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