Day 141 Risk: Not Clean My House

I planned a much needed girls night with some pretty ladies for Friday. Our plan was sweatpants, movies and takeout. Was so excited to see them and to relax. As they always offer up their apartment, I offered up mine this time around.

Focus was not on my side yesterday. Every time I got started on something, dishes or a book or an email distracted me and I would suddenly find myself in my kitchen turning in a circle and saying aloud, “What am I doing in here?” Originally I had planned to work on my writing all day but I started out all wonky when I woke up around 10am instead of 8am like I had hoped. With all the distractions and some necessary tasks that needed attention, it was around 2pm before I was in any condition to work. My friend was picking me up to get food at 6.

I had to make a decision: work or clean. There was no time for both.

I’m kind of a neat freak. I always feel bad having anyone over if I haven’t had time to at least sweep the floor and wipe down the bathroom. And don’t get me started on parties. My whole day is taken up prepping my place. I know, a bit crazy. But I almost feel like it’s rude to bring anyone else around my nasty. Not cleaning is usually not an option for me.

The reality, though, is that most people don’t even notice. I know it’s for my own benefit, but if I’m at a point of not caring and no one else notices, what’s the point, right?

So I choose work. My friend met up with me around 6 and while we were out she mentioned heading back to her place. Confused, I asked about the idea of me hosting. Apparently her roommate had cleaned specifically since we were going to be hanging out there. She had completely forgotten that I had offered. Having not cleaned my own place, it seemed ridiculous to not go to theirs. So I’m glad I worked. I probably would have been a little pissed at myself if I hadn’t.

Oh and I would have taken a pic to show you my dirty floor, but that just seems gross. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I feel like you don’t want to see that.


Risky Thoughts

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