Day 140 Risk: Sign Up To Volunteer

On Day 127 I inquired about volunteering with a local used book store in their youth outreach program. Well today I finally got around to signing up for it.

I’m a bit nervous and a ton excited about doing this. On the nerves side, it’s always a little scary to go into a new situation and meet new people. The what-if’s start flowing with abandon. My insecure side is also questioning if I have the true ability to do this. Lucky for me they don’t require any experience of their volunteers, only a desire to work with children on literacy. So whether or not I feel I’m qualified is truly a moot point.

On the other side of that, I’m really excited to have a chance to work with kids again. I didn’t realize that I’d miss it as much as I do. They keep me from taking myself too seriously and remind me how important and vital playing is to daily life. I’m also pretty pumped about having a hobby/activity that has to do with reading and writing.

I don’t have a desire to work full time or long term in this kind of situation, but I feel like this is a really good way to touch on a subject that is dear to me. And hopefully, most importantly, I’ll be able to help some kids along the way too.


One thought on “Day 140 Risk: Sign Up To Volunteer

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