Day 138 Risk: I’m Taking A Sick Day

That’s it! I’m taking a sick day.Well, it would probably be more accurate to say I took a sick day. Leave me alone. You get the point.

On Tuesday I felt okay in the morning but my body slowly began to deteriorate as the day went on. By the evening I was in the fetal position one minute and attempting to stretch my stomach out the next, trying with all my lack of power to get my belly back into working condition. Too much stress/busyness/poor eating/booze = I felt like crap.

So I took a sick day from risking on Tuesday. I laid on the couch and re-began the Battlestar Galactica series. Yes, I love that crap. For all you haters out there: I will be ready when a Cylon attack happens and you won’t. So take that.

I grumbled about wanting to be hardcore like Starbuck:

I will kick your ass. With my cigar still lit. Frack you.

…while I drank mint tea and putting a heating pad on my stomach. Yes, I have a heating pad. Quit teasing me.


Risky Thoughts

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