Day 137 Risk: Offer Up My Hair For A Coloring Class

I am really bad about upkeep with my hair. The main reason I’m so lazy is that my hair grows so quickly. If I were better about it, I’d be a hairstylist’s dream! I realistically need a cut every four weeks. But who really does that? Not me at least.

The idea of dying my hair is nice and lovely but I know my laziness enough to know it would be a bad idea. A lot of money wasted if I don’t keep up with it. So when my friend/hairstylist contacted me about being a model for a coloring class she was taking, I was hesitant. Not because I don’t trust her (I do completely) but mainly because I don’t trust myself.

What a good risk though. I couldn’t pass up something laid so perfectly at my feet. I responded that I could do it.

When I got there, my friend consulted with me about what I’d like to do. I really had no preference, not having thought much about it since I had just been in the wedding the day before. She threw out some ideas, I picked one I liked and then told her that whatever she thought would look good and needed to practice was fine with me. I gave over nearly complete control, my only request being that I didn’t want to go anywhere near platinum blonde. “Oh I would never do that to you,” she said. Love her.

She got to work and all I knew about what was happening on top of my head is that there would be some potentially lighter streaks and some darker color at the base. She talked with the man teaching the class in formulas, so I really didn’t understand much of it. But again, giving over trust and control, I followed her lead.

After washing my hair out and turning to the mirror, the first thing I said is, “Oh Mel! It’s so dark!” Not wanting her to think I didn’t like it (I really did, I was just surprised) I quickly followed up with, “I freakin’ love it!” As she dried it out, my love intensified to the point that I said, “I love it so much I think I’m going to crap myself.” I’m sure I was the strangest model there.

Afterward she cut my bangs and I went on my way, getting compliments from the rest of the staff and generally feeling like a rock star. It’s amazing what something like that can do for your mood. I’m so psyched by how good it looks. The picture below, while awesome, doesn’t even do it justice.

Who me? Yes, I have the sweetest hair in this joint. Thanks for noticing.

I don’t normally put people’s names up here, but I need to do some advertising for my amazing stylist. Her name is Melissa and she works at Gordon in Lakeview in Chicago. You should go to her. Now. As you can see above, she’s pretty amazing.


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