Day 136 Risk: Be A Bridesmaid

On Sunday a very good friend of mine got married and I was a part of the bridal party. It was a beautiful ceremony and a kickin’ reception and I danced the night away.

There were many risks for me, though, with being a bridesmaid. The first, and most important, was to be able to be there for my friend in anyway that I could possibly be. The next couple are obvious: don’t trip walking down the aisle, don’t get too drunk and make an ass out of myself, don’t be rude to either side of the family. These few were scarier for me than when I was in a wedding earlier in the summer, mainly because there were over 200 guests at this one. A lot more eyes to see me fall flat on my face.

But other risks that weren’t present for me before now cropped up their sneaky heads. For one thing my friend had asked me to get some bagels and maybe some champagne for the morning of the wedding. I took this further and planned to have food there all day, organizing both stuff I bought from the store and placing an order with an outside company. So I was pretty worried that the other people in the bridal suite that day would not be happy with the food and that my friend would feel like she had nothing to eat. Secondly, I collected songs from all the people on her side of the bridal party and made a mix to listen to while we got ready. The fear there was that I would forget to put someone’s song on or the mix wouldn’t work for some reason or that my friend would feel bad when she couldn’t guess which songs belonged to which people.

Damn. Seems like a lot of stress when I list it that way.

Another potential risk for me with this day was stepping on toes. I’ve only ever been in two weddings. My brother’s when I was in high school (and didn’t really know much about weddings) and then being Matron of Honor in my friend’s over the summer. So having had the MofH title so recently, I was worried that I might inadvertently step on the toes of those who were given the title this time around. Wanting to be there for my friend, I could totally see myself doing that.

As a side risk, and not nearly as big as the above, we had women who specialize in 1920-1950’s up-dos doing our hair (the theme for this wedding was 1940’s supper club). I wanted this…

Sexy Watchmen!

…but wasn’t sure how it would look, since my hair was shorter than hers and I have bangs. Again, not as big, but still a risk.

The food ended up going over very well. Everyone, including the bride, felt nourished and relaxed by the booze. The mix made my friend both laugh and cry periodically. And while I was running around like crazy, trying to make sure all the food and music was taken care of, I don’t think I jumped on anyone’s toes (at least, I hope I didn’t). I didn’t fall or get too drunk and seemed to get along great with both sides of the family. Oh, and my hair turned out awesome…

I feel so Hollywood!

…so that was a relief.

Most importantly, though, my friend had a beautiful day. I think/hope I was able to relieve some of the stress that naturally comes with throwing a wedding. And in the end her and her new hubby laughed and danced and kissed and generally seemed to be having a grand ol’ time. And really, if all that can go down, can you really ask for anything more?



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