Day 135 Risk: Wear A High-Waisted Belt

I was running around all day on Saturday, prepping for my good friend’s impending nuptials on Sunday. I had organized getting food and drinks for the morning of the wedding so I spent most of Saturday shopping for all of that. I then headed over to the rehearsal, before promptly heading home to change for the rehearsal dinner.

So I knew that food, water and general body needs would not be at the top of my list for Saturday and therefore bloating (as is a part of my stomach condition) was most likely going to happen.

Yes, wearing a high-waisted belt was a risk.

I had been wanting to convert a black strapless maxi dress I have into a skirt for a while and decided on Saturday to do just that. I paired it with a cobalt blue shirt, a copper cuff bracelet and brown boots. I finished the whole thing off with a brown leather belt that I’d been wanting to wear but hadn’t found many occasions to do so.

Pretty smashing if I do say so myself.

But while fashionable, I found that towards the end of the day I wanted nothing more than to rip that thing off my body. My stomach was pushing against it and pleading with me for release. When I finally got home, I unsecured myself and plopped on the couch, allowing my stomach to roll with glory.

While I think I will try this style again, I’m not sure I will do it on a day that is so busy. And an entire package of Gas-X will need to be on hand.


Risky Thoughts

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