Day 134 Risk: Go To A Bar Alone

A good friend of mine got married over the weekend and on Friday night she invited people to meet at the Palmer House downtown for drinks in the bar. Since I was in the wedding party, I had set aside the entire weekend for her and her festivities. My husband had a performance that night and my friend had gone out to dinner with her family so I was on my own when I headed out.

She had a large wedding party and while I knew some of them, I’m not super close with any of them. I also didn’t know who would be going to this since a number of people had to travel and I didn’t know when everyone was getting in. So I really had no clue what I was in for. Would anyone even be there yet? Would I know any of them? Would I be the sore thumb sticking out? Even though I was a little apprehensive to venture out on my own, I wanted to be there. I couldn’t let my uneasiness keep me from being a part of that.

When I got there I went to the lobby bar first but no one was there. I made my way to the club downstairs next. There was some sort of event going on so the bar was packed. I was starting to get worried that I would find myself sipping a glass of wine alone at the bar, searching around for anyone to talk to. Awkward…

Thankfully I saw a few of the groomsmen that I knew and was able to go over and sit with them. More people showed up that I knew and they were followed soon after by the bride and groom. Before long my nervousness was a distant memory and I was laughing and joking and having a great time.

Such a relief.


Risky Thoughts

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