Day 129 Risk: Make A Bet With My Husband

Before I get to this risk, I need to take a minute to honor today’s date. I think the State Farm ad that aired all day during the football games captured my feelings best: There’s nothing we can’t do; let’s hear it for New York.

Sunday is game day once September rolls around. My husband and I are both football fans, me probably a little more so than him, and while we are both Bears fans we also have childhood allegiances that we follow. For him, it’s the ever unpredictable Washington Redskins. I, on the other hand, have deep roots in New York teams and in my childhood home supporting the Giants was as expected as doing your chores.

Today our two teams faced off against one another. While we are competitive in other areas of our life, my husband and I are not really competitive with each other. But at the urging of our friends last night we decided to place a little wager. If the Skins won, I’d clean the whole house. If the Giants won, he’d give me a hand, foot and back massage. Based on past seasons, I felt pretty confident that I’d be getting some pampering.

So embarrassed. I talked so much trash. I am now eating my words.

I could talk at length about all the mistakes made but I’ll keep it simple and say that the Skins played a good game and somebody lit a serious fire under Rex Grossman’s ass. Somehow he showed up. Who would have guessed.

So at some point this week I’ll be pulling out the bleach and my rubber gloves and scrubbing my bathroom floor. I wonder if it will be like Cinderella and I’ll have a prince charming show up who will hire servants to do my bidding.

Because I can’t just let this be, I feel the need to add this pic:

That's right. Champions.

I’m sorry but when was the last time the Skins won a championship? I forgot, you know, with it being so long ago and all. Oh that’s right. 20 years. I’m just sayin’…


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