Day 128 Risk: Watch Michigan Football With A Superfan

Living in Chicago has provided me with more knowledge into college football then I could ever have imagined finding out. You are kind of required to watch college ball when you move to the Midwest, being as most of the Big Ten teams are located here. It’s so integrated into my psyche that if you mentioned Oklahoma to me, I’d think “Boomer Sooner” rather than singing the title song from the famous musical. If you were to bring up a hawk’s eyes, I would see flashes of black and yellow rather than imagining our nation’s elegant bird. College football here dominates and so you end up watching a few games even if, like myself, you have no affiliation.

But I love football so I don’t really mind this. I’ll honestly watch it at any opportunity.

A good friend of mine, Yurwitz (he gave me the all clear to use his name, knowing that anyone who knows him who reads this will understand the gravity of this risk) went to University of Michigan and is a huge, huge fan. Last night was their very first night game at The Big House (their stadium) and to celebrate the occasion he invited some of us over to watch the game.

Oh how risky this was. First of all, Yurwitz  is used to watching this game alone. So when he’s banging his plush football against his leg and quickly standing up to cheer the team on, he’s not used to having a little Italian girl sitting next to him. Also he is a true Big Ten fan, being very affected by the outcome of the game. I was taking the risk of getting smacked in the face as well as potentially being there for an epic loss and the onslaught of sadness that would follow.

Thankfully they won. It was an awesome game to watch, with three touchdowns being scored in the final minute and a half of the game. And my friend eventually took to pacing so any physical danger was out of my way. In the end it was a good time and so fun to get caught up in the all the hype.

All I have left to say is…


Risky Thoughts

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