Day 127 Risk: Inquire About Teaching Writing

First of all, I’m finally caught up! With this post I will be back in the game of one daily post. That took a lot longer than I had thought it would. Thanks for hanging in there with me.

Now on to this risk. I’ve been looking for a community of writers that share my mentality toward the whole craft. There are some excellent monthly gatherings in the city, mainly at bars, where readings happen and, obviously, writers hang out. While that all sounds appealing, the books I’ve been working on are for kids and I want to find people who, like me, are struggling with the specifics that come along with writing for them. Kind of a crapshoot at a bar.

Yesterday I stopped by a local used book store that also runs youth writing and reading programming. I knew they did this and wanted to look into it, but haven’t had the balls since beginning this focus on my writing. My logic on this being a great venture for me is the thought that if people are teaching a writing class then they are probably writers themselves and that’s a great resource for meeting people. In addition to that, I’d be reconnecting with kids. If I want to write for them, than I can’t stay too out of touch with what’s current and important to them.

I originally went in looking for the book we are reading in my upcoming book club and unfortunately they didn’t have it. I spent about 30 minutes walking around the store, working up the courage to ask about getting involved with their youth programs, when I finally had to go up there or face heading home on a rush hour train (not a fun experience, especially for a short girl who, when having to stand on the train, ends up being at everyone’s armpit level). So I picked up my books and went to the front desk.

It turns out that the entire operation, book store included is run by volunteers. They only have 2 employees. This is awesome for three reasons:

1. Instead of just getting involved with the reading portion of their programming, I could legitimately try my hand at being a writing teacher without the anxiety that comes with being someone’s employee. Plus I don’t yet feel I have the experience to walk into a place and ask for a teaching position.

2. This is a good opportunity for me to do something because it’s fun, not because of the money attached to it. I really enjoy the work I do, but I’m always worried about where money will come from and this will give me a chance to get out of that way of thinking.

3. Since it’s volunteer based I could structure it around my schedule and keep with the lifestyle I’m trying to begin.

I haven’t signed up for their next training yet but I fully intend to. While I’m hoping to make great connections and gain some experience, I’m more so stoked about the idea of working with kids again and in something I have a passion about. While violence prevention is something dear to my heart, it was not exactly the happiest of interactions to have with kids and this will be a nice shift of the wind.


Risky Thoughts

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