Day 126 Risk: Ask For Extra Work

I’ve been working the same part time job for years. It’s as a Standardized Patient for one of the universities in the city. Yes, like what Kramer did on Seinfeld. No, I have never spouted poetic love stories.

We are booked on a case by case basis, so it’s pretty awesome because I get to make my own schedule and if I’m not available, it’s totally cool. The downside is that there aren’t always things going on there, so I may have full weeks with no work.

I was noticing that this was the case for me coming up and while my main focus is staying home to focus on writing, we still need me to be pulling in some income. So I went to my boss there and asked if there they had anything coming up that they could use me for.

This is always awkward for me. I don’t want to appear too needy or make them feel awkward in telling me that don’t want to use me for something. And since I’ve been working there for so long I’ve developed friendships with them so it’s a weird conundrum to then go in and ask for work.

But I needed it and I’d rather work there than find something new so I asked.

I’m glad I did too. My boss said that he would definitely rather I work for them than somewhere else and that he was going to look into what they had coming up. So money concerns handled and validation that I’m needed there satisfied.

Now I just need to plan my dramatic reading…


2 thoughts on “Day 126 Risk: Ask For Extra Work

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