Day 122 Risk: Part Hair Down The Middle

Since college I have been parting my hair on the side. I have a pretty round face so I feel it helps to keep me from looking to childlike. Who knows if that’s actually true, but I’ve convinced myself so that’s that.

My bangs are pretty out of control lately. They’re hanging in my eyes and I really need a trim but have been too busy to get one so most days I find my hair pulled back in a tight bun. It actually looks pretty good but I wanted to try something new today.

I had been watching an episode of Project Runway and seeing Nina Garcia’s lovely locks made me think that maybe I could pull it off too. Ha ha ha. Right. I tried but… well…

Not really sure of my choice here. I'm thinking 1980's meets boy.

I don’t think I pulled this off very well. I was thinking about it because I’m reconsidering bangs, wondering if I should grow them out. But maybe not. No, I don’t think I can pull off the above.

At the time this pic was taken it was already too late to change anything. I had so much product in my hair to keep the bangs at bay that there was no combing it out and we had just gotten a call that some friends were picking us up to go to the beach. Thankfully it was a windy day so this style didn’t stick around for too long.

To be honest I didn’t feel like this was much of a risk. I was on the lookout for something else, but with failed attempts to ride some crazy huge kite contraption at the beach (this guy had a skateboard thing with a huge kite and was riding it around but was so serious there was no way he was going to let me ride it) and to jump in the water (just didn’t feel like it), I was left with hair parting.

Oh well. Such is life.


Risky Thoughts

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