Day 120 Risk: Plan A Pampering Day For A Friend

In less than two weeks I’m in a wedding of a close friend of mine. While I was on vacation she had her Bachelorette party and I had to miss it. I was really bummed about this, feeling bad that I had to miss such a great day in her life. But there was no way around it, so instead I planned a day of pampering for her and I.

I was so nervous about doing this, not being sure what she would expect and if what I was planning was what she wanted or was looking for. I started the day with a facial for her, then we came back to my place to watch girly movies and I got some of her favorite munchies, including her favorite homemade cookies and chai from her favorite place in the city.

As I was taking her to the spa, I explained what I had planned for us with a racing heart, hoping she would be happy. When I told her I had gotten her a facial, she literally squealed and buzzed with excitement. “Really?” she sighed. “I’ve wanted to do that for awhile.”

When I picked her up from the spa she looked so relaxed, saying that it was the best facial she had ever gotten. I presented the cookies when we got back to my place and she tsked and said, “You’re the best.” By the end of the day I had successfully kept her away from her phone for most of the afternoon and she seemed chilled out, telling me that this was exactly what she needed.

It seemed to go over well and she appeared to really like what I was able to plan. I wish it could have been more. I would have loved to treat her to entire spa day, or even a weekend away but funds could not be extended to that length. But I don’t know if she would even have been able to commit that much time. In the end I’m pleased with what I was able to do and I think she was too.


Risky Thoughts

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