Day 117 Risk: Throw Away To-Do List

I know what you’re thinking. I already took this risk. But Day 105 was about not making one of these in the first place. This day’s risk was different.

The night after we got back I prepped myself for the onslaught of after-vaca responsibilities. Wanting to get myself ready, I created a to-do list to organize my thoughts. All day Monday I stressed about this list, feeling so overwhelmed at the amount of things on it. I did a few, marked them off and then sighed at what was still left.

Then, on Tuesday, I woke up and took a look at the list again. I realized that unlike before my vacation, my weeks are not as packed and busy as they were. I also realized that the list detailed way too much to accomplish in one week, that it was actually everything I could possible think of that I needed to do. In fact, I could manage without this list. I balled it up and threw it in my recycling bin and felt like I was throwing away a huge weight with it.

To-Do lists in the past have been a crutch for me. But I’m learning to trust that my life has enough space now that I don’t need to create these impossible laundry lists that end up making me feel more stressed than relieved. And my life has had enough of that lately. I don’t need anymore stress in my life right now.


Risky Thoughts

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