Day 114 Risk: Tacky Bra Showage

The drive from Muskoka in Canada to Chicago is around 12 hours. We decided to do it in one trip, so had to get up early to clean and pack and then we hit the road.

After 10 days of vaca, that morning was a rough one. None of us wanted to leave and we wanted to pack and clean even less. On top of all of that, we were all a little tired and grumpy. So clothes were the last thing on my mind.

Fashion was not on my priority list for that entire vacation and that morning was no different. What was more important to me was having something clean to wear on the ride back, as most of my clothes were covered in dirt and worm guts and smelled of camp fire and lake water. The only thing left clean was a sleeveless red dress. And the only clean bra left was a red one, not a strapless, but a regular one. The sad part was that this bra was showing so much that it wasn’t just the straps showing, but also the upper part of the bra.

I know. Tacky.

But I didn’t give a crap. These people had seen me looking rough all week, so who cares right?

This logic worked until we started making stops along the way. I felt awkward and weird and kind of exposed. But we got back in the car and I was back to not caring.

While it was a small risk, it was definitely different for me. And as usual with these kind of risks, I keep seeing that I didn’t end up caring what people thought. At the end of the day, I didn’t feel disgusting from wearing gross clothes all day and the people who would have judged me came in and out of my life in 10 minutes.

In the end, my comfort won out.


Risky Thoughts

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