Day 113 Risk: Potentially Be A 3rd Wheel

The reason we were in Canada in the first place is because my close friend and her brother grew up there and spent their summers traveling up to Muskoka to stay in their mother’s cottage. So naturally they still have friends in the area. And 2 of my friend’s childhood buddies came up Thursday night to hang with us through the remainder of our stay.

On Friday we were in need of groceries to make dinner. Our guests wanted to cook us dinner and so a trip into the town 45 minutes away to get some food was planned. Since our guests were cooking us dinner, they, of course, were going. And since my friend only sees them once or twice a year, she wanted to go too. Wanting to get some munchies for our impending trip home the next day, I asked to join.

I felt really awkward asking, not wanting to intrude on their catching up time. I also didn’t want to feel weird and out of place or make them feel like they had to include me. But I did want to get some munchies and, honestly, wanted to get to know these guys who grew up with my close friend a little better. They were really pretty cool and I’m always fascinated by what you can learn about people from those who knew them when they were young.

Being nice people, they said I could join. It was still a little strange, feeling like I was entering a world where I didn’t belong, but in the end it was a fun trip. I got to hear old camp stories and had some good laughs at their sibling-like interactions. In the end, I was glad I went.

I always seem to struggle in these situations. Meeting new people is tough, especially when someone they are/were close to is involved. But I’m seeing that the only way to actually do that is take the risk and put yourself in potentially uncomfortable positions. And usually it isn’t as bad as I imagine it will be.


Risky Thoughts

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