Day 110 Risk: Skinny Dip

In all my 29 years, I have never, ever skinny dipped. It’s something I have always wanted to do. It seems like such a freeing thing to do, to allow that water to flow over your exposed body, all out there for the world to see. But the opportunity has never presented itself.

On Tuesday, three full days into cottage life, I knew I needed to get this out of the way. It was one of the first risks I thought of when we committed to this vacation. I knew this was going to be one of my risks. I had wanted to do this for a few days, but really didn’t want to venture it on my own.

Tuesday presented such an opportunity. After a few drinks, knowing everyone was finally feeling relaxed, I threw it out there.

“I want to skinny dip tonight,” I said, staring at the orange flames of our fire.

“It’s happening,” my friend said.


“Absolutely. Who’s coming with us?”

One of the other girls there was down, so we went in the house, grabbed our towels and took our clothes off. We ran outside, giggling all the way down to the water. I was shivering too, a little from the cold, but mostly from excitement and nervous energy. Once down by the water’s edge, we shed our towels and began to navigate the rocky ledge.

Remember Day 107 Risk? Those rocks are pretty slippery. We tried scooting, tried getting down in and leaping in. Laughing about our predicament, we eventually all found ourselves in the water.

Oh man it was cold! Once we were in for a minute though it warmed up and I was able to really appreciate it. I looked up at the blanket of stars that blinked above us. The sensation was so strange and I didn’t trust it at first, but then I really loved it.

Getting out of the water was a struggle, that whole idea of a beached whale getting a new meaning with 3 bare asses up in the air. My stomach and chest got scratched on all those rocks, but I didn’t care. I didn’t care so much that 30 minutes later we decided to go in again.

It’s pretty liberating to allow that much of yourself to be vulnerable. I know there were fish all around us as some were caught there earlier in the day. Also knowing that anyone could ride by and see my birthday suit on display was a bit scary. But regardless of all that, I felt a little bit freer, a little closer to this goal of letting go of fear. And that makes this risk completely worth it.


Risky Thoughts

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