Day 107 Risk: Navigate Slimy Rocks

We arrived at the cottage this day and were immediately taken by it’s beauty. We all left our luggage in the car and immediately ran up the drive and around the house to get a view of the lake. Wow.

Wanting to take advantage of our surroundings as quickly as possible, we ran back to the cars, unloaded everything, dumped our luggage in our rooms, and immediately dug out our bathing suits. Within about 30 minutes we were all standing at the end of the property by the water, wondering how we were going to get in. You see, the water right by the end of the property is very steep and very slimy and not one of us wanted to get in first.

Here’s a shot from the water to give you an idea:

Our tiny slice of heaven.

As you can see the drop-off is pretty steep and it took us until later in the day to discover the dock around the corner. It was echoed many times that week that one of us was going to kill ourselves on those rocks.

I can’t remember who went first, but I do remember the way I casually scooted down the rocks until I had no choice but to flop in. Later techniques of scooting down on your butt, wading in and diving and the good ol’ finding a better place to get in were discovered but in our excitement we couldn’t wait for such logic.

Best swim ever.


Risky Thoughts

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