Day 106 Risk: Potentially Be Rude

Back to Blogging! I had a fantastic vaca and will hopefully have all the missed posts in by the end of the week. Advance apologies for overloading your inbox.

My friend who organized this trip plotted it out so that we could stay at her friend’s place on Friday and not have to do the entire 12 hours in one drive. We got in around the time that the sun was going down and dinner was in the process of being cooked.

The couple we were staying with is rad, with two adorable kids and a really cool house. They invited us in, most of us strangers, and immediately offered us a beer. Super nice.

They live on this gorgeous plot of land right next to a farm. The land is unreal. And being a city slicker now, I’m always pretty taken with a dewy sunset and open fields. Gets me every time. So, naturally, I wanted to go out and snap some photos. My southern hospitality was kicking my ass for even thinking that though. But I didn’t want miss out on the sun that was capping the nearby hills.

Under pretense of needing to get something out of the car I excused myself and got my camera. So glad I did too because I got some beautiful shots.

Shut up this is so effing pretty!

When I went back in, I couldn’t help myself. I apologized for taking so long and commented on how stunning their land is. As per usual I overestimate my own importance. No one cared or fully realized I was gone.


Risky Thoughts

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