Fishing and Swimming and Sleep, Oh My!

Okay. Prepare to be jealous. Tomorrow I leave for Canada.

Yes. That is why you are jealous.

Actually you are jealous because in Canada I will be canoeing and eating smores and sleeping late and having fishing competitions and doing a lot of nothing. Remember Day 51 Risk? Well if you don’t you then should click on the link and you will see that almost two months ago I committed to going a relaxing vacation with friends. Well the sought after, amazing day has arrived. Tomorrow I leave for said trip and can not freakin wait.

Why am I making you cry with jealousy you ask? Well it is to let regular readers know that in addition to all the amazing nothingness I’ll be doing, I’ll also be in the middle of nowhere, with no internet and no phone.

Yeah. You real jealous now.

So this blog won’t be updated for almost two weeks. Just to let you know. Yes, I’ll miss you too.

Watch out Mr. Bear…

You call that a warrior pose?

…cause here I come.


Risky Thoughts

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