Day 102 Risk: Sleep On The Bus

I try to stay awake on public transportation. The last time I fell asleep on a train or bus was when I first moved to the city 6 years ago. It was after a night of cocktails at a dueling piano bar that ended with me alone on a train at 4am passed out. I’m so lucky my purse wasn’t stolen. And that I woke up before my stop.

There are many risks (other than theft) involved with falling asleep on public transit. The first deals with the head nod that inevitably happens when you fall asleep sitting up. And it can go in many directions. When you are sitting on a bus, that means into the window, into the rail behind your head or onto your neighbors shoulder. None of these are appealing situations to find yourself in. Then you have potential snoring, drooling and the ever classic dream moaning. Waking up in public after doing any of these is not something I wanted to experience.

But I couldn’t help myself. I was up at 5am for work and by the time I found myself dozing it was nearing 5pm. I was beat.

So I rested my bag on my lap, rested my arm on my bag and my head on my hand. That worked for awhile and then I was jolted awake by Chicago’s crappy roads (tons of potholes). So then I proceeded to do the doze/head nod thing. I don’t think I snored or drooled, but I did smack my lips a little when I was jolted awake again.

I don’t recommend this risk, but sometimes you just have to. I know people who do this all the time and while I prefer to nap lying down, I can see the appeal of catching some zz’s while you have nothing better to do then stare at the young couple being too feely in the seats in front of you or stare out the window at the homeless person talking to themselves at the bus stop.



Risky Thoughts

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