Day 100 Risk: Talk To My Landlord

First of all, I hit 100! Another landmark. Awesome.

Okay. Mini celebration over.

I never deal with my landlord. My husband and I have been renting from him for the entire 6 years we’ve lived in the city and after about the first 2 we figured out that things were taken more seriously and done quicker if my husband was doing the asking.

As much as it sucks to say this, I feel like it may be because I’m a woman. Whenever I bring things to him, I feel like I’m being mollified. And I’m too much of a feminist to deal with that lightly so it really is best if I steer clear of figuring out our home problems with him.

On Saturday I woke up early and heard a drip that sounded like it was coming from the enclosure that holds our air conditioner. When I opened the doors I discovered a drip that was flowing down from the top of the unit and causing the whole thing to be wet, including the floor and the electrical unit inside.

Our landlord was downstairs mowing the grass and I really wanted to go down there to let him know, but again, that’s my husband’s job. So I reluctantly woke him up, trying to get his opinion and, truthfully, get him to go down there. He said he’d handle it later but I could go if I wanted to. I debated on it and decided that this needed to be handled right now.

I was really nervous doing it, mainly because I didn’t know what he’d say. He tried to convince me that it was probably condensation, which I adamantly refuted. He said to shoot him an email with all the information and he would pass it on to “his guy”.

Once my husband had the opportunity to look at it, he completely agreed with me. We took pics and then, just to take this risk further, I constructed and sent the email.

I think I struggle in situations like this because I’m often treated like a child. I don’t necessarily think my landlord was doing this, but I’m beginning to see that I’m somewhat sensitive because of it.

I look young, mainly because of my height, and I often feel like people don’t believe I know what I’m talking about. I brought this up to my husband and he offered me a fresh prospective. Since I believe people treat me like I’m 17, I sometimes front load my ideas with this and therefore am setting people up to treat me this way. I’m not sure if I agree completely, but I’m sure there’s some real truth to that. I guess that I’ll only be happy when I take the control in these situations and learn to let things roll off my back.


Risky Thoughts

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