Day 99 Risk: Dress Frumpy

Okay I admit it: I’ve been a little focused on fashion lately. In looking through the past three months, I’m pretty shocked by how many posts revolve around my clothes/jewelry/hair. Pretty lame.

Tonight I had a babysitting job and this time around I was working with little nuggets (code for baby babies). So I didn’t want to wear anything that I didn’t mind getting spit up or drool or poop out the side of the diaper on. My knee and hip were also killing me this morning, a sure fire sign that I’ve worn flip flops for too many days in a row. So I decided on an old t-shirt, jeans and my Adidas. No jewelry and hair air-dried.

I looked a bit of a mess.

No one noticed though, as I expected. I didn’t really care if they did actually. I think that’s the big difference between someone in their early 20’s as opposed to someone in their late 20’s: my side of 25 don’t give a crap if others think we look cool (at least most of us don’t care).

I’m glad I did this though because while there was no spit up or poop out the side of the diaper action, there was a lot, a lot of drool. I also felt covered so that made me feel a little more secure since I was going into a house of a woman I’d only met once.

But another thing I noticed is that I didn’t feel as motivated all day. I struggled to get going to get to work, struggled through my work and then felt ick while babysitting.

So while no, clothes do not make the (wo)man, they do boast that (wo)man up. When I take the time to do my hair, pick out something I feel good in and put on a cool pair of earrings, I find that I want to do well in other areas of my life too. It’s not about me wanting to put some persona out there; rather it’s a step to put my best me out there. And I’m seeing that, at least for me, putting effort into appearance makes a difference.


Risky Thoughts

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