Day 97 Risk: Don a Head Scarf

I used to love wearing head scarves in college. But when I wore them, it was full across my head, unflattering, hide my unwashed hair kind of way. Once I looked back on pics and saw how atrocious they looked, I toned it down a bit. For a few years after college I attempted to wear them again, but I don’t have any, and I mean any, body to my hair. I just lies flat. For those that don’t know, this does not pair well with head scarves. I pretty much gave them up.

I still have a few really pretty ones that I occasionally look at with longing, wishing I had full curly hair to actually make them look good. This morning I finally said, “Oh well!” and decided to try it out.

The first step was teasing. I ran out of time so I was attempting to tease my hair only partly dry. For anyone who hasn’t tried this let me save you the trouble and say it’s pretty unsuccessful. Wet hair doesn’t really do much.

Next I went to bobby pins, tacking up my bun in such a way that the poof effect was achieved. I created a hairspray cone on my head and attached the scarf:

I'm wearing pink! My mom would be so proud.

The look seemed to go over well. I felt pretty in it. And my hair stayed back. Mission accomplished! Someone quick go make me a sign so I can declare it to the world!

Two downsides though: 1. I felt myself constantly tugging at it, trying to make sure it didn’t fall. 2. I have a little bit of a headache from having something tightly wrapped on my head all day.

Bonus: Got a new look for when I’m too lazy to do my hair! Hooray for sloth.


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