Day 95 Risk: Call in Sick To Work

I’m really bad about this. I think the inner Catholic bonds together with the inner Puritan and I suddenly feel like I’m lazy and a failure if I don’t work my butt off every day of the year. And as no one is healthy all the time, this poses a problem.

As mentioned in past posts, I have a stomach condition that causes me have flareups if I’m not really careful. And as the last few weeks have been filled with me eating out and managing stress, I’m not surprised that I had a flareup over night.

I really didn’t sleep and I’ll spare you the gross details of what followed, but I will say that I was in a bad state this morning. I felt miserable and had very little energy. All in all, it was not a pretty sight.

Work didn’t start for me until noon, so even though I was up at about 535am, I didn’t really need to make a decision about whether to call in for awhile. Normally in this situation I hem and haw and debate with myself and guilt myself until I finally either give in and call out sick or suck it up and go in. And I usually choose option two and just suffer through the day.

This morning I took my risk pretty early. I decided at 530am that I was not going to be able to go into work. The best part is that I didn’t question it or weigh in with my husband about it. I made the choice and followed through pretty early.

Thank god I did. I still don’t feel 100%. Even though I struggle with it, I’m finding that choosing me is more important sometimes than anything else.


Risky Thoughts

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