Day 94 Risk: Wear a Wrap Dress

Over the weekend my inlaws bought me one of those silk wrap dresses, one of the ones that you can wrap around you like 20 different ways. It was not something I would normally buy for myself, but I found one in yellow with red trim that was a great print so I agreed to let them buy it for me.

I was nervous to wear it, mainly because I really didn’t know what I was doing in terms of the actual wrapping. I tried a few different ways and it just didn’t work. Finally finding one that I liked, I went to the store.

As I was walking around, I noticed some looks my way. I felt a little self conscious, so I wasn’t sure if people were just noticing me passing or actually looking at something. I got my groceries and began to make my way home when I looked down and noticed my bra was showing through the top. Apparently I hadn’t tied it tight enough. I guess those looks were for a reason!

I retied it multiple ways when I got home, finally choosing something a little more supportive. I felt pretty good about it and comfortable in it so I decided to wear it the rest of the day. I was happy about my decision, until a storm began to blow in. And my blow I mean really blow. Wind and all. Right up my skirt.

These wraps have multiple layers and being mostly silk, it’s very flowy and loose. So when wind gets up underneath it, it takes the suggestion and runs with it. I spent the rest of the evening catching it before all my everything showed. Also being silk this material sticks. So add humidity and you get sticky legs and therefore sticky dress. I basically had it blowing in the front and clinging to my thighs in the back.

I still like it, but I think I’ll be a little more choosy when wearing it. It takes more work then they make you think.



Risky Thoughts

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