Day 93 Risk: Wail Out to a Hair Metal Band

There is a constant debate in my house as to whether Hair Metal or Hip Hop ruled the 80’s and 90’s, with me on the side of Hip Hop. While I like a good Hair Metal song, the genre as a whole pales in comparison in my opinion. My husband on the other hand believes that Hair Metal is one of the greatest times in music history. He’s such a fan that he actually paid money (Five dollars, but still) to see RATT opening for Poison. He rode his motorcycle there and everything. I put on my Adidas and sideways cap and went to a dance class. We are a pair.

Tonight we went to Retro on Roscoe, a yearly festival here in the city. Every weekend there are a number of festivals that take place around Chicago, all of them featuring closed down streets, clothes and jewelry to buy and food and beer to consume. Most of them also include concerts throughout the day. And at most of these concerts you see the same bands over and over again. It’s actually kind of refreshing knowing you’ll at least get to hear good music.

There were two cover bands playing tonight that were worth seeing. The first is a Hip Hop cover band entitled Two White Crew. I’ve heard them before and they are awesome, playing all your favorites. As we got closer to their stage they were playing the Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff classic, Summertime. As we left not long after that, they were playing the never-gets-old Shoop by the ever sassy Salt-N-Pepper. As everyone else was headed to the other main stage, I bid the Hip Hop and booty shaking goodbye and made my way to Hairbangers Ball.

Hairbangers Ball is another cover band that focuses more on big hair and wailing guitars. My husband was happy. Now one thing I will give this band is they are seriously good. The lead guitar would give Slash a run for his money and the lead vocals hits higher notes than me. Perfect for Hair Metal.

As we are standing there, with my husband’s family by the way, I felt the urge to dance like a fool and throw out the fist pump that Jersey Shore has made cool again. I think it was hearing Final Countdown that did it for me. They also played Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap and Sweet Child O’ Mine. I was nervous at first, seeing that no one else around me was dancing and not wanting to embarrass or freak-out the inlaws. But I decided to take the risk. So I threw my hands up, started woo-hooing, shaking my ass and air guitaring. I’m happy I’m already married because they may have advised him otherwise after they saw my sloppy dance moves. As we walked away I noticed my voice was really hoarse. I guess I was singing too.

Although I stand by my claim that Hip Hop can out jam Hair Metal any day, I will give it up to Hairbangers for providing me a good time tonight. They played their hearts out while I danced my socks off.

But given the choice, I’d pick Bell Biv Devoe over Van Halen any day.


Risky Thoughts

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