Day 90 Risk: Forgo Working for Social Time

Day 90!! Woot woot!!

I wish I could say that I did something big and celebratory to honor such a huge accomplishment, but alas, I did not. Rather I chose to basically take the day off, even though I really couldn’t.

If you’re are keeping up with this at all, you can tell just how busy I’ve been by the fact that this day happened on Wednesday and I’m writing this on Saturday. My to-do list doesn’t stop with getting up-to-date with this blog. It also involves washing my disgusting floor, my sheets that need to be laundered, a few bills to pay and emails that need to be sent and then in amongst all that I need to review the edits my friend gave me right before my trip. I am one overwhelmed little D.

Enter my husband’s family into the mix and I’m surprised I can get out of bed I’m so tired.

Part of our guests got into to town on this day, so in my head I’m thinking, “Must work. Can’t put off any longer. Must get through list,” while the other side is screaming, “Take the day off! Don’t be rude. Must hang out with family.” I ended up choosing option #2, realizing that all the things on my list could wait, even if I did feel that pull of obligation toward them.

And I’m so happy I did. The few beers at the local pub were much better than sweeping the floor or paying the electric bill.

My to-do list is still pretty massive and with each passing day it gets longer. But it’s times like this that I have to remind myself that it’s not going away. And rather than fill all these obligations I need to see what is right in front of me: family.


Risky Thoughts

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