Day 87 Risk: Choose My Aching Feet Over Being Agreeable

We traveled with a few people back to Seattle the day after my friend’s wedding, taking a four hour bus ride and then planning to met up with some of our other friends for dinner. By the time we got there, I was going on practically no sleep, having slept very little the night before and then dozing off and on the entire bus ride. So my mood was…well…you can imagine.

In addition to lack of sleep, I also had Day After Feet. Day After Feet are the cracked, sore and bunyan throbbing feet you experience the day after a party in which heels are worn most of the night. Add to that the fact that my bags weighed a ton and my back was laden with knots. My body was pretty much falling apart.

When we got off the bus, we got in contact with our friends and found out that they were about a mile away. Everyone I was with wanted to walk so, not wanting to be the downer, I went along with it. At first.

Later my husband said he knew something was wrong because I was walking pretty far ahead of everyone else. I totally wasn’t meaning to. I simply wanted to get there as fast as possible. After a few blocks I stopped and started looking around, feeling pretty close to tears. “Why are you doing this?” I mumbled to myself, shaking my head. As my friends got closer I finally gave in. “I’m going in that drugstore to get cash and taking a cab. It’s cool if no one comes with me, but my feet can’t take anymore.”

“Absolutely! Of course we can! Good idea!” Naturally my friends rock and jumped on the idea.

I usually try to be pretty agreeable, not wanting to shake up the water too much. But I’m learning that sometimes, I need to put me first. Or at least put my bunyan first.


Risky Thoughts

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