Day 84 Risk: Climb Out onto a Rock Jetty

Since so many people had gotten into town on this day, the bride-to-be and her groom decided that instead of us attempting to get a reservation at a restaurant, we should all just meet up in the park for a BYO picnic.

The park near their house is right on the water. We found our way up a grassy hill that overlooked the lapping waves and people came and went as they wanted. It was super casual and super relaxing. And unlike most of the days we were there, it was also pretty hot. Having run around all day, I was feeling a little more introverted than normal. As a result, I took a trip down to the water to let my feet cool and then followed friends when they decided to do the same later.

Along the tiny sliver of beach was a rock jetty. It was piled pretty high and, again, being in a sleepy internal sort of place, I found my way to a large log that was hanging at the end of the rocks. One of my friends came over and we silently looked out over the water toward the mountains.

“I want to climb out on these rocks,” I mused.

“Yeah? Think we should?”

“You down?” I asked, knowing she would since she’s super rad.

“Let’s do it!”

We carefully made our way out, precariously watching the gaps filled with webbed stuck spiders and old cans of Monster. The entire time I was thinking, “Please don’t fall. Bridesmaid on crutches is no good.” We stopped at one point and then kept moving. Eventually the other few people we had wandered down with made their way out as well, until there were five of us perched at the end.

I swear I didn't pose for this.

Silence. None of said anything for a quite a while. There was nothing to say. The view we had was of the sun setting between the mountains. There were boats passing us and birds squawking. It was lovely. Totally worth the risk.


Risky Thoughts

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