Day 83 Risk: Ride an Open Air Ski Lift

I’ve never been skiing. And truthfully I’m wishy washy on wanting to. Luckily it’s not skiing season. But a trip had been planned for quite some time to head up to Whistler for the day and hang out (yes, this is the same Whistler where the Olympics took place). Once we got there, we were going to take the Peak 2 Peak Experience between Whistler and Blackcomb Mountain.

Now I’m not afraid of heights, so being over 6000 feet in the air wasn’t a problem for me. And even taking the gondola across to the other mountain was not too bad for me, even though we were very, very high up. Once we got to the other side, our option was to take the gondola back to Whistler Mountain and then catch the trolley down or just take the open air lift down Blackcomb Mountain.

Something to consider: 6000 feet in the air = freaking cold, even in summer. Normally the snow is gone and you can be at the top of the mountain in shorts. Not this week. BC is seeing some of it’s coldest temps in a long time. Long story short, I was pretty chilly. But to cross back to the other side was going to take a really long time and everyone else was fine with taking the lift down, so I wasn’t going to argue.

As I stood waiting for the lift to pull up behind us and I started to freak out a little. What if it knocked me down? What if the bar suddenly popped up? What if my bag fell and I lost all of my things? With a racing heart, I sat down and was lifted in the air. I immediately took this shot with my phone:

Little Feet, Big Mountain

It was exhilarating! I was just starting to settle in when my friend, the bride to be, moved her feet and therefore moved the bar and I screamed. Well, screamed is not accurate. Screeched is probably better suited. But as we descended, I became surrounded in a serene and peaceful quiet. Occasionally we would pass a creek that babbled to us, wanting to pass on the secrets of the mountain.

Just as we were nearing the bottom, we heard our friends screaming, “Bear! Bear!” We searched around and sure enough not only we were graced with a beautiful brown bear, but we also got the pleasure of meeting a tiny leaping cub. We snapped tons of pictures and felt the rush of seeing such a sight in the wild.

I never would have ventured that on my own and now I can’t imagine not seeing the amazing sights that presented themselves and experience the quiet that settled into my core. I’d definitely do it all over again.


Risky Thoughts

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