Day 82 Risk: Climb a Tree-Attempt #2

If you refer back to Day 17, you will see that I have already attempted to climb a tree. I failed brilliantly. You will also discover that I have never successfully done this and am itching to get up into some branches. I’m sure there is a dirty joke there. I just can’t think of it.

I went for a walk around Vancouver yesterday with the hubby and we found ourselves wandering into a neighborhood. We found a fantastic tree that was all gnarly and twisted looking. I was taking pics of it when I noticed nearby that there was another tree that was pretty good for climbing.

“Oh!” I said enthusiastically. “I want to climb that!”

“Not right now,” my husband said. “You don’t want to get all dirty.”

We started walking away when I stopped and bluntly stated, “You’ve never tried to talk me out of a risk.”

“Well,” he cowered slightly, “you just look really nice today and I don’t want you to get all messed up.”

“I’m doing it!” I said. “You won’t stop me with your logic!”

So I ran back, took off my bracelets, sunglasses and the shrug I had borrowed and attempted to get a foothold. My husband also attempted, becoming far more successful than me. “Get down,” I whined. “This is my risk.”

I started to try to climb this thing, but my flip flops weren’t working so I kicked them off too. I was barefoot, in a maxi dress, wrapping my arms around this sidewalk tree. I looked a fool:

Honey badger don't care! Honey badger don't give a shit!

**I promise I didn’t pose for this. I didn’t even realize my hubby was taking it.**

After a few seconds, I succumbed to the fact that I was not getting anywhere. The fact was I was too short to reach the higher foot holes and too unwilling to dirty up my pretty dress. I need to plan ahead for this risk. I need dirty clothes and proper shoes. I need reinforcements to help with lift. And I need a little more guts.


4 thoughts on “Day 82 Risk: Climb a Tree-Attempt #2

  1. Sneakers, loose shorts or stretchy pants and a good first foot hold or jump to the lowest branch. It really is fun once you get up there!

  2. I think it is awesome that you tried in a pretty dress to get up that tree. Some dirty clothes next time and tennis shoes! Maybe take a step stool as well to help if you need it!! Love reading about your risk.

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