Day 81 Risk: Flirt Shamelessly

Let me start this post by saying that I am so happily married. I love my husband dearly and have no desire to be with anyone else.

But after nine years, a girl needs some reassurance that she’s still got it.

One of my very good friends is staying with us in our hotel and we decided to have a girly breakfast yesterday morning. We found a little bar with a $5 breakfast special. On it.

We walk in and standing behind the bar is the dreamiest, sexiest man. He had crystal blue eyes and the 3 day old scruff that is sexy, not trashy. He was wearing a simple t-shirt and jeans. My kind of hot.

He asked us what we’d like to order and wouldn’t you know it, he’s got an accent. Add to the sexy. Every time he walked away, my friend and I giggled like two 12 year olds. After he brought me my coffee, I thought, “I want to flirt with him.” A little voice inside my head screamed, “Great risk! Great risk!” I mentioned this to my friend, who by the way is known for oozing sensuality, and she egged me on.

When he came back I mustered up some courage and coyly asked where he was from.

“France,” he said. I melted a little bit.

“What brought you to Vancouver?” I asked a little breathy.

“Life,” he stated poetically. Okay, a little dramatic for everyday life, but perfect for a breakfast flirtation.

After some additional probing (no pun intended) we found out that he had been in Vancouver for about 6 months and had no desire to go back to France. He kept coming back over to our table for random things and making eye contact with me longer than was strictly necessary. He was talking to us from the bar and didn’t go very long without resparking the conversation. At the end of it all, he asked if we would be coming back the next day and flashing an adorable smile, one of those head down, look up at you and side smile kind of smiles. So cute.

“What’s your name?” I chuckled.

“Lorras,” he replied smoothly. I returned the down head, side smile at this, feeling a little fluttery.

We left with smiles on our faces. I’ve definitely lost a little of my swagger, but I’ve still got a good amount. I told my husband about it all when I got back and he just laughed and said, “As long as you’re coming home to me.” Good man.


Risky Thoughts

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