Day 79 Risk: Embrace my Inner Five Year Old

My husband and I landed in Seattle yesterday and had a complete afternoon to explore the city. We finally arrived at our hotel and plopped our bags down, grabbed a bottle of water and headed out.

Our place was right next to the Seattle Center and so we started our journey there. One of the first things we happened upon was a seating area with a water element. At first I thought it had rained, as there was water all over the ground. But then I realized that it was flowing from where the seats were. I instantly kicked off my shoes, hiked up my dress and began splashing around in it, kicking water at my husband.

“I’m gonna embrace my inner child today,” I said dreamily.

“You’re a goofball,” he replied.

Next we stumbled upon a sculpture garden/museum and decided to check it out. As we were walking by the main building’s balcony, we were approached by a woman who informed us that there was a free Zumba class being taught about fifteen minutes from then. When I was five, I would have danced even without being asked, so of course we said yes.

Now I’ve done Zumba, but only in the comfort and quiet of my old YMCA. Never in public and never in a dress. It was so much fun. I remembered that at five I wouldn’t have cared who saw me, so I embraced that state of mind and proceeded to shake my booty like I was Latin. I was whipping my dress back and forth and throwing my hands up in the air. And just to bring the sass, I left my blingy earrings on.

Thirty minutes later, we took our sweaty selves on a walk along the water. It wasn’t long before we started seeing bears. Not the real kind. The “I’m here to be the cute thing that causes you to come into my store” kind. What five year old girl doesn’t love a good teddy bear? I needed some pics with these adorable things and I found two who were camera worthy.The first was super tiny and I crouched down to cuddle with it. The second was giant. I’m talking a six foot tall giant. Without a word, I passed the camera to my husband, ran up and wrapped my arms around it.

I would totally post the pics, but I forgot to pack my cord. Fail on me.

The next opportunity for five year oldness was when we finally arrived at Pike Place. Standing outside the entrance was a woman with a sign saying “FREE HUGS”. When I was five (and still today) I loved to hug. It was/is one of my favorite things. So I ran up and said, “I want a free hug!”

“Yeah!” she squealed and we hugged it out. “Thanks a lot,” she sighed, sounding relieved.

We walked around a bit and I kept thinking about this bronze pig that was at the entrance next to hug lady. I really wanted to take a pic riding this life size pig. But there were so many people and I felt kind of bad trying to squeeze past them to get this pic. Deciding that my inner five year old would whine and complain until my mom plopped me up on that thing, I took my husband back to the entrance. Funny enough when we got there we found actual five year old’s who had the same idea. We waited patiently and this time we took the pic with a phone so I could access it.

I made friends with Wilbur.

Being the shorty that I am, It was kind of hard to get up there and stay up there. If you notice there are some people in the background looking at me like a freak. My husband told me that they climbed up on that pig right after I jumped down. I guess I was not the only one with a case of silliness.

When I was five, I was adventurous and kooky. I loved exploring and went with my impulses. I cried and danced openly, relishing in each, and laughed often and loudly. When I was five, I really lived every day. If I can get even a little of that back, I’m satisfied.


Risky Thoughts

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