Day 78 Risk: Hem a Borrowed Dress

I was feeling a little blah looking through potential clothes for my impending trip to Canada next week and decided to lean on my girls for some new-to-me threads. Luckily I had two lovely friends who are also roomies that were practically throwing their wardrobes at me. I came home with cute dresses a plenty.

Once again vertical challengedness got in my way and all the maxi dresses were too long. What’s a short girl to do?

Lucky for me I have my mom’s old sewing machine. My mom is a dynamo with a needle and thread. I have 2 or 3 dresses that she’s made me from scratch and every time I wear them I get compliments and questions on where one can be ordered. I did not inherit this skill that has been passed down in her family for generations. I think I’m a little too impatient for it all. But I can sew a straight line (ehh… mostly straight) and basic things I can do. Sort of.

I really wanted to bring one of these long dresses and after some debating I decided to hem it. I really stressed over this as I don’t want to hand this back to my friend with a big hole in it from my crappy sewing technique. So I made it a big stitch so that it would be easy to take out. It took me around 45 minutes, which was stressful since my to-do list today was immense. When I put it on, the length was good, the hem was pretty even. But I noticed that the extra material had started to roll down.

Vertical challengedness required that a full 2 inches be taken up. And on a jersey dress that means rollage. And with 2 full inches of rollage, you could see material hanging below the hem line. Classy.

Normally I would just cut the material, but as I did not own this comfy dress, that was not an option. So I spent another 30 minutes putting tiny tacks in the extra material to keep it up. About half way through I almost threw the dress across the room and debated bringing it at all. But there was no way I was going to do that much work and not wear this damn dress.

The final product turned out pretty good. I had a Ladies Night with that friend tonight and let her know what I did. She actually thanked me, saying it was super long on her too and I may have just saved her dress.

I pretty proud of that hem. I put a lot of time and frustration into those stitches. It better not droop and make me trip.



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