Day 76 Risk: Potential Cankles

I’m beginning to see that part of this year of risks is just simply trying out new things that I formerly would have scoffed at doing. Don’t you hate it when you get slapped in the face with past declarations?

I don’t have fat ankles (at least I don’t believe I do). But I do have short stumpy legs. And as a result I don’t really have much of an ankle. Luckily there’s enough there for me to not have cankles. But I’ve noticed in the past that certain ankle straps on shoes give the impression of cankles, so I avoid them.

Enter the huge Old Navy sale. I wasn’t planning on buying anything. I’m never planning on buying anything. But then there were these:

Chunky goodness!

In order to get a pic of these I had to tap onto Old Navy’s site and saw that these are normally $32. They were on sale in the store for $3.97.

“Wha?!” you may ask. Yes, $3.97. I figure if I’m going to try this style out again, I can at least save some dough in the testing.

They look okay. I can’t really tell. I think I’m still biased in my old way of thinking. While I’m not sold on them yet, I do know that this process is showing me that my past assumptions have not always been in tune with who I am. And that I need to try new things. Or, at the very least, things that I usually see as off limits.

And while it’s not life changing, it is outfit enhancing.


3 thoughts on “Day 76 Risk: Potential Cankles

  1. They are cute, look just like a pair I had in the 70’s (about your age)! Anyway, wear what you feel comfy in, especially at that deal!

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