Day 75 Risk: Get a Bigillion Layers Cut into My Hair

I had a hair appointment today and am pretty sick of my hair. I still love the bangs I chopped into it over a year ago, but the rest felt so blah. I wanted a change.

My stylist has been in my life for the last 6 years and knows me well. I trust her, but I’ve been too much of a control freak to let her just go to town on my hair. Usually I play it safe, not wanting to do something that I will end up hating. I had told her at my last appointment that I wanted to shake it up a little during our next appointment but I wasn’t sure how. I was looking through pics to figure out what I wanted and couldn’t find anything so I decided to take a risk and actually let my stylist show off her talents.

While waiting for her to finish up her other client, I flipped through an old Elle Mag and I saw this cover of Emma Stone:

Hot and funny?! She's not human...

I mean how can you not love Emma Stone? And how can you not love her style and, in this pic especially, her hair? But I had decided that I was going to stick with my risk and let my stylist take the lead. I sat in her chair and said, “If you could do anything you wanted, what would it be?”

“Keep the bangs, tons of layers,”she said pretty quickly. I think she’s been dying for me to let her use her skills on my head.

“Do it,” I said.

As we got started, I mentioned the cover of Elle I had been flipping through.

“Yeah,” she said when we went and picked it up. “That’s pretty much what I’m doing.” Fate had stepped in.

I’m so psyched about this haircut. I’ve been afraid of layers for years, but I think it was more me feeling like I wouldn’t know what to do with my hair if I had them. But I’m so happy I got past that. It’s hard to tell below, but my hair is completely layered up. And I think I look pretty sick. What’s even better: I don’t care if anyone agrees.

What's that you say? Yes, I am a badass.

 **Got a little faux photoshop happy :)**


6 thoughts on “Day 75 Risk: Get a Bigillion Layers Cut into My Hair

    • Not as many times as I would think. Actually I’ve been so busy that I just pulled it all back in a bun yesterday! Will play with the styling more once I’m on vaca!!

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