Day 71 Risk: Ask for a Ride

Theater camp was coming close to its end. It was Friday, the final day. It was so hot. The kids had become so annoying. And my friend and I had to pack up her car because we were going home that night.

After morning acting scenes, we were both done. The campers rehearse their shows all afternoon Friday, so we had the perfect opportunity after lunch (and a nap as it turned out) to go back to the dorms, pack up her car, get some frozen custard and get back to the theater before dinner time. We didn’t really want to go, but knew getting our things out with all the campers was going to be hell, so we woke our sleepy asses up and began to make our way back to the dorms.

Along the way, not too far into our journey, we discovered a campus bus. From my understanding, these are intended for students. If you are not a student then you pay something cheap, like a dollar.

“Ah! I want to take the bus,” I whined as we passed it all bleary eyed.

“Yeah me too,” my friend sighed.

“I’m gonna ask!” I went over to what looked like the bus driver, who was donning black combat boots, a chain connecting his wallet with his belt buckle and slamming a Monster. This will apply later. “Can we hitch a ride?” I asked.

“We are counselors at theater camp and we are so tired,” my friend chimed in.

The boss-man happened to be nearby and said it was alright. We plopped down, smiling like fools and closed our eyes to allow the savoring of the air conditioning to be that much sweeter.

As the ride went on, we realized a few things: 1. We could have walked there faster. This was practically a tour of the town. 2. The bus was full o’ some… let’s just call them good “character studies”. It felt just like being back on the CTA.

First you had Monster guy, who jabbered away with a woman who was more twitchy than I’ve seen in quite some time. She kept rearranging all the groceries in her bag, shifting supplies around and then moving them from seat to ledge, ledge to seat. She was still doing this when we got off the bus 30 minutes later. Both were super nice and helpful, but I was so wiped out that just watching their energy made me exhausted. Then we had some odd balls get on at the local grocery store and the bus driver spilled his Monster, so we waited an extra 10 minutes so he could go get another. I think it was his third that day. When we finally got off the bus, we were both a little dazed by the frantic energy and weird kats that we had come across.

I tell you what though: I’m glad I asked. Dealing with kooky bus riders was worth every minute of sitting in air conditioning that the ride provided us. Thank god for this blog and it forcing me to take risks.


Risky Thoughts

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