Day 69 Risk: Perform

Now this wasn’t a full show or anything. But the last time I played a “character” (I use this term very loosely to describe what I did) was probably over a year ago. It gave me butterflies.

But I was at theater camp. And it was a talent show. And the counselors needed to do a talent. Something funny.

Comedy is always the hardest. When you drop that line that should be a kicker and then it just fails. Luckily I was performing at camp. Which basically meant that as long as I’m not yelling at them, I’m funny. Thank god for the naivety of youth.

I co-wrote a script that was used for the show, along with a rewrite of an old camp song that used to be sung back when my friend went to camp years and years ago (Since she reads this blog, I’ll leave out how many). I think we pulled out some funny stuff, parodying the different camp relationships we see, like a week-long romance and two strangers who room together and then are BFF’s.

When we got up on stage, I’ve got to say the nerves were a rocking. Even though it was just camp and even though it wasn’t anything big or special, I still wanted my performance to be good.

The kids laughed and getting to perform with my friend was so much fun, even if it was for only a few minutes of stage time. There were no big revelations I had from it, no desire to go back to that lifestyle again. Just pure fun. I’m beginning to think that’s the way I should aim more of my risks: What would make me smile.


Risky Thoughts

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