Day 68 Risk: Scold a Teen

This teen was not in our camp. This teen was from another camp that is happening in tandem with Theater Camp. This teen pissed me off.

We were waiting in line for dinner along with about 7 other camps. The cafeteria was a madhouse and the poor workers were overly stressed by the number of children rushing them to get in.

Our campers, being some of the youngest amongst all the camps, were waiting patiently. Other camps were not so calm. We had all of our kids lined up and counselors were dotted along the edge, trying to keep a watch out for people exiting and keeping our campers focused for their turn to enter.

I was at the front and very frustrated. Multiple kids from other camps had attempted to walk to the front of the line, I told them that this was the line and they needed to get to the end of it. Being hungry adolescents, reason was not a part of their vocabulary. After having told this to yet another teenager (who by the way was at least 6 feet tall and fighting me on it), I noticed that a girl from another camp had cut into about half of our line of campers. It was obvious that she was older, probably a senior in high school and was attempting wave her friends over. Being the super sassy broad I am and seeing someone messing with our campers, I marched on over.

“Um, excuse me. Are you in theater camp?” I asked, a bit snippy.

“No,” she mumbled.

“Well you need to go back with your group,” I huffed.

“But our group is already inside!” she squealed.

“I’m sure they are,” I sassed back. “But we have been waiting for 20 minutes. Get back with your group,” I demanded.

Now being an overly expressive Italian who was already hot under the collar, I probably shouldn’t have gone over there. I probably should have asked another, calmer counselor to handle the situation. But the thought of this teenager taking advantage of how much older she was than our campers and that they would never question her pushed me past my tipping point.

Looking back on it, I’m glad something was done. Our poor kids were hungry too, just like everyone else. I felt as though I had overreacted a little, as my fellow counselors didn’t give me very much validation once we got our food and sat down. But then I realized that 1: They were all just as tired and frustrated as me and 2: I was just being insecure.

Then later, when we looked at our schedule of the day, we realized we had come to dinner a half an hour early. Had we come on time, there wouldn’t have been a line.

Gotta admit I felt a little bit like an asshole. The Catholic Guilt was flowing in full force. But then I realized that whether or not we were early, what she did was unacceptable.

It’s very easy to turn a blind eye to those things. And had I not been so worked up, I think I wouldn’t have taken this risk. Maybe stirring my fire isn’t such a bad thing.


One thought on “Day 68 Risk: Scold a Teen

  1. 3 cheers for you!!!!

    Waiting in line, especially when you’re hungry, there is nothing more irritating or infuriating than people who cut in line, regardless of their age.

    Good for you to stand up for yourself and to show those little ones how-to!


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