Day 64 Risk: Add the Feeling Risky Page

This may not seem too risky to someone outside of my brain. From the outside looking in, adding that page is more risky for the people willing to post than for me. But my acting training taught me that every little thing we do is a selfish act, even the most giving. And this was no different.

I was very nervous to add this page, considered not doing it even, but then decided I needed to for a few reasons:

1. I’ve learned that putting what you want/what you are afraid of out there in the world is a great way to set about conquering it. I want this for my friends and family, and anyone else who reads this.

2. It will validate what I am doing daily, reminding me that everyone’s risks are different and that I shouldn’t feel so lame in my day to day struggles.

3. It will be a challenge for me to see other people’s risks.

Number 3 is the true risk for me in all this. It will challenge me in three ways. First, I will have to grapple with someone posting something that far outshines anything I’ve already done or plan on doing. That is a hard pill to swallow. Secondly, I’ll have to grapple with someone posting something that I was planning on doing and not wanting it to look like I’m copying them. And finally, I will have to grapple with the guilt (that I so often gravitate to) when I see a really sweet risk and want to try it out myself.

Even with these factors I’m still excited to see what people post. I guess a part of me was nervous that no one would, that I’m naive to think that anyone cares enough. But at least I put it out there. At least I’ve given someone, anyone actually, the chance to take the simple risk of airing out their fears and desires in a public forum.

This is gonna be awesome.


Risky Thoughts

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