Feeling Risky?

So this is mainly for all those readers who only get this blog through their email. I’ve added a page where you can post your own risk! Check it out and leave a comment about something you’re going to try or something you have already done.


2 thoughts on “Feeling Risky?

  1. I guess this is the place where I can post my risk. It’s a pretty big one, if I do say so myself. I’ve decided to scale back my current work as a pet care guy and begin teaching acting classes, as well as put a book of acting fundamentals that I’ve written out into the world. The ultimate goal/risk here is to earn my living in whatever ways I can as a thetare artist (actor, playwright, teacher, author and director of my own theatre company).

    • This is a fantastic risk! Having done this recently (only with writing instead of acting) I can honestly say that it sucks and is awesome all at the same time. I have many a day where I am tempted to get on the want ads and give up my dream. But everyday that I don’t do it makes me a little bit stronger. Keep plugging away. Your in a great city and talented enough to make this goal/risk a reality.

Risky Thoughts

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