Day 59 Risk: Chase After Fireflies

I used to love this game when I was 8. Initially because it was the only way the cute boy down the street would be willing to play with me. But then once we started catching the little crafty things, I would forget about smelly boys and focus only on how cool nature is.

I was outside last night as the sun was going down and suddenly found myself surrounded by fireflies. At first I was freaked out, swatting them away and girly squealing when they flew by my face, but then I really wanted to see if I could still catch one so I decided to take the risk.

What’s the risk you may ask? Well imagine yourself trying to catch fireflies with just your hands. Imagine getting really quiet and sneaking up on them so you don’t scare them away. Imagine your hands poised and ready to snap around them at any moment. Now imagine your on a city block with people walking by and neighbors watering their grass. Adorable as an 8 year old. Creepy and somewhat crazy looking as a 29 year old.

This was also risky for me because when I do things I haven’t done since childhood I tend to revert back to childhood, squeaking when one actually touched my hand, saying words like “dang” and “ah nuts” when I missed one. With this risk I was a little nervous to actually catch one. I’m not sure why but I was.

It’s sad for me to report that I didn’t actually catch one. But I guess I looked good doing it because one of my friends said, “Hey look! D’s doing Tai Chi!”


Risky Thoughts

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