Day 56 Risk: Self Promotion…Again

This one took place over 2 days but I’m going to count it for yesterday. My Day 2 Risk was self promotion and if  you remember, I hate it. I hate it so hard. It’s so awkward and while I often want to say, “Love me! Support me!”, actually doing it gives me the icks.

I am a part of a wicked book club. We are a YA club (YA=Young Adult **Adults reading YA not young adults reading books. Don’t worry, I had to double check on that too) and it’s so refreshing to be around non-actors once a month. While I love my friends and wouldn’t ever trade them, getting a different viewpoint on the world is welcomed.

Since we only meet once a month and since I seem to always have something going on when people in the group plan parties, I’ve only really been around these women the equivalent of two or three work days spread out over a year. Not a lot of time. And interestingly enough I know so much about them and have the utmost respect for them.

Risk Part 1: I missed the book club at the end of May due to sickness so earlier this week was the first time I’ve made it since starting the blog. I knew I wanted to let them know about it, but again, self promotion sucks. I decided to wait until the end so if anyone looked at me sideways I could make a clean break out of there.

Everyone seemed interested though! They were asking me what risks I’ve already taken and what I plan to do. Someone even said they have a great tatoo artist. And since those who are choosing to follow are probably reading this, hello! Welcome! Thanks for checking it out 🙂

This was also the first time I’ve promoted in person which turned my stomach a bit. If someone just got an email from me, they could easily roll their eyes or shake their head at me and I would never know. Doing it in person is much harder (that’s what she said. Please excuse the compulsion. This saying will be thrown out a lot).

Risk Part 2: Yesterday I actually sent the email out to our mass list. The other scary thing about this is it’s the first time I’ll be reaching out to people I don’t know. There are a number of people on our list serve that have never attended book club, are passionate YA readers and want to keep up with what we’re doing. So the fact that I’ve now put myself out there to people who I don’t know makes this an even scarier process. At least everyone that I’ve advertised to so far have been people who I know will still be my friend at the end of this. This probably scared me more than telling the ladies.

I reread the email 5 times before sending. Yes, I’m a loser.

I guess this is the next step though. I’m coming up on two full months of writing this thing and I’m feeling the need to step up my risks a bit, find where they can be riskier. Advertising to complete strangers is riskier than advertising to people I know.

Maybe the next self promotion risk is to self promote to strangers in person.  Kick it up a notch. Hmmm…



3 thoughts on “Day 56 Risk: Self Promotion…Again

  1. Hey D!

    I thought your idea/blog was brilliant!!! I loved and still love the idea of taking a risk a day, even if it is a small one. And you’re right, what is a risk to some might not be to others. I’ve been trying to catch up on all you’re old blogs – but this one caught my eye!

    You’re doing great! Looking forward to checking in with you!

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