Day 49 Risk: Wear Dangly Earrings

I got my ears pierced when I was about 4. My mother had to bribe me. She told me she’d give me a dollar for each ear. I distinctly remember squirming out of the seat after the man had stabbed the first ear with my hand outstretched, crying, “I want my money.”

I wore earrings all through childhood at the urging of my mother but gave them up when she finally gave me permission to go shopping without her. I swore them off at that point and was only convinced to wear them again about a year and a half ago when I got married. In the last year I’ve worn the bubble type stud earrings, but nothing too extreme and only every once in a while.

This has been a week full of events where hair and makeup were a necessity. So I decided that I did not want to do either today. But here is the problem: I’m Italian. “What does this have to do with anything?” you may ask. Well here are two pictures of my grandmother:

My grandmother (in the middle) with my grandfather and my parents when they first started dating. This is in the early 70's.

My grandparents with me at my Christening in the early 80's. You can't really see it, but she's wearing bright blue eye shadow.

As you can see, over the span of 10 years, at two random events, she looked amazing. My grandmother was the type of person that never left her bedroom without makeup on. I didn’t know she wasn’t a natural blond until I was about 13 as her roots never showed. My great grandmother was even worse, going to the extent of calling women out in the supermarket for not removing their curlers before leaving the house.We Italian women be sassy.

My mother would completely support and praise my not wearing makeup all day. My grandmother would cringe.

I promise I’m getting to the earrings part. Please don’t click out yet. None of this makes sense unless you first understand that it is in my DNA to at least attempt style. I don’t always succeed at it, but I have no choice but to attempt it and I can’t leave the house without at least trying to add a touch of it. So not wearing makeup or doing my hair is something outside of my realm of understanding when anyone other than the hubs is seeing me.

Okay. Now onto the earrings. I don’t wear them. Ever. I think they make my ears look weird. So when I got a gift bag last night at the awards ceremony I attended, I sighed a little when I pulled out these beautiful earrings. They were huge and blingy, two things I love in a piece of jewelry and I thought they would collect dust until I got off my ass and had a yard sale.

But I discovered something today: Earrings dress up anything! I mean anything you could think of. I’m sure there are tons of ladies out there that gained this knowledge many years ago but it’s all new to me. I put on a basic, cotton, sleeveless black dress, put my wet hair up in a bun, and put on these earrings:

Oh the gaudy goodness...

I felt pretty. Oh so pretty.

There were some hazards though and risks I had not planned with them. For one, this is the windy city after all and heavy dangly earrings get whipped around in it just like everything else. Also every time I walked they bounced up and down. In essence, my ears were in a constant state of panic today, just waiting for one of those suckers to be ripped out. But apparently the ensemble worked because while it only took me five minutes to get ready I somehow got compliments all day. People kept asking me if I had some bigger, classier event to attend later in the day.

My ears may hurt but I’m now in love with wearing earrings. I think it will take awhile to get used to the sensation but damned if I don’t like the easy factor with them. If I can look decent just by slapping something schmanzy on my ears, then I think I may have found my new obsession.

It would seem that I have just disgraced my Italian name. I promise you grandma that I’m still a good Italian. There’s a spinach and goat cheese quiche cooking while I write this so the hubster has lunch tomorrow. This apple didn’t fall that far from the tree.


5 thoughts on “Day 49 Risk: Wear Dangly Earrings

  1. Those are purty! Let’s go jewelery shopping! There’s places you must see now that you’re one of us… đŸ˜‰

  2. Yeps, I love earrings! And those are fabulous! They usually add that finishing touch. I probably wear them too much though. At least it’s not the 80s- my sister wore those big HEAVY earrings so much they ripped her earlobe.

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