Day 39 Risk: Not Wear Sunscreen

Oh how fiercely I do not recommend this risk. For oh so many reasons.

So why did I take such a stupid risk? I’ll tell you why: Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is not something we Chicagoans believe exist. At least not for most of the year. We are so Vitamin D deficient that my doctor told me on my last visit that I, along with every Chicagoan, should be taking Vitamin D pills in the winter. We crave sun like some people crave, well, insert something you crave. I’ve known some to go to such extremes as using rent money to go to Mexico in the middle of winter because we miss the sun so much.

As a reminder, I’m visiting my parents this week and not only do they live in the south, but they also live about 30 minutes from the ocean front. My mom told me last week that she took today off for us to hang out and wanted to know what I wanted to do. “Beach,” I said breathlessly. “I need salt water in my hair and sand in my toes.”

Now something to know about my mother is that she is every mix of uber pale skinned that you can think of: Irish, English, Welsh. When I was a child she slathered me with the same SPF 30 minimum that she was spreading all over herself. My dad is Italian so even with all that sunscreen, I still turned a beautiful shade of tan. As I’ve grown I’ve really appreciated this constant SPFing as it has helped me maintain a pretty good skin tone.

But as I’ve aged, I’ve also seriously slacked in the SPFing department. Don’t judge.

And today was no different. After using her 60, she went to pass it to me and I said, “That’s okay. I want to soak up those bright and vibrant rays.” We were only planning on being there for about an hour or two so I figured I’d get a good tint and be fine.

Hahaha. I’m so stupid. And red. Very red. The sun here is stronger. Who knew being closer to the equator equals being warmer? Did you? Really? Okay so maybe I knew…

I said stop judging me. You all know you’ve done the same. Short blog today due to my need to go cover my legs in aloe. Thank god someone discovered the many uses for aloe. My lobster legs are endlessly thankful.


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