Day 36 Risk: Throw a Co-Ed Bridal Shower/Engagement Party/Fun-Good Time for My Friend

If you read this blog regularly you know that I have been planning two events for my friend whose getting married this summer. The first was a typical Bachelorette party that I planned with the bridesmaids and took place last weekend in NYC. The second was a co-ed party that was attended by both the bride and groom. That occurred last night.

The hardest part of both of these parties was my nerves. I got so nervous planning these events, mainly due to wanting everyone to have a good time. As I said in the about me section, the southern in me makes me have a weird desire to pull off a great party.

With this party there was the added fear of the location. We had a contract that we signed along with a certain amount of money that needed to be collected and a strict end time. Figuring all this out was a little stressful. Luckily I had a wonderful guy friend of ours helping me plan it so he relieved some of that stress.

The other stresser was the guest list. There were some difficulties both in who we invited and getting info to everyone. It felt weird to leave some people off of the list, even though it made complete sense since they are really my friends and not hers. She used to live in the city and some of the people in our group of friends moved here after she had left. But I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. There was also the communicating of the details. We created an invitation but I think very few people actually read it because I was answering questions up until the day of the party that had been outlined in the invite. While I didn’t mind it, it did put extra stress into the situation because I didn’t know if people knew the info that we really needed them to know and we were scrambling all week to make sure everything fell into place.

And alas it did. Maybe a little too well. I don’t think there is a singular person at the party who this morning was not feeling the unlimited delicious sangria that was served. But all in all, everything went very smoothly. We were able to eat tasty food, drink oh so good Sangria and salsa dance in our own private room. Everyone got at least a little sloshed, some more than others, and a few of us ended the night with the bride and groom at IHOP around 3am. She ordered the Blitzes, he ordered the T-Bone steak.

I think this was a successful risk. I’ve gotten a number of compliments on throwing a good party and the bride and groom seemed to have a blast (which is really what was most important to me). Now I just need to survive walking on grass in heels and giving an MofH speech. More on that in July…


Risky Thoughts

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