Day 29 Risk: Boo on Me or How I Sucked at Risking Today

I’m so lame. I totally didn’t take my risk today. I was offered one, a really good one, and I completely bailed on it. I’m such a loser.

I’m in NYC this weekend and since I’m in NYC and above the age of 22, I’m taking cabs everywhere. I got to the end of the day and had not really risked. I mean sure, I’d taken a flight, met some new people. I’ve been to NYC so many times and meeting new people is not the riskiest thing for me. So today didn’t end up being as risky as what you would think.

Until I got into a cab with the friends I’m staying with to go home. We were going from the West Village to Uptown, basically a 20 minute cab ride easy. And the driver was  dick! We asked for a specific route home and he basically pulled the, “I’m the cab driver, I know what I’m doing. You are stupid.” Which is totally false. In fact, our friends take the route we were going from work to home about 5 times a week. They knew which way to take.

My friend is married to an Italian man and, being Italian-American myself, I found that I was feeding off of him. And when the cabbie got mouthy, he didn’t hesitate to get mouthy back. And I could feel that little twinge of the old world fire brewing inside me. I was aching to scream, “What the hell?! You started this. If you listened to us you’d get a tip asshole!” (The fire is also a bit vulgar. To maintain a sense of dignity and class, I’ll avoid the more unsavory parts here.)

But, alas, I chickened out. I guess there was a part of me that was scared of how I would be viewed or that he would kick us out of the cab. Either way, I sucked at risking today. I’m cursing myself for not allowing that side of me to flourish. While it’s not always the best to allow that fire to burn, in some cases it’s necessary. And in the case of New York cabbies, it’s expected. Boo on me.


Risky Thoughts

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