Day 28 Risk: Potential Non-Buyers Remorse

Most of us have heard of Buyers Remorse. For those that live in a hole, it’s that thing that happens when you drop money on something and then get it home and think, “Oh shit…” Well I’d like to coin a new term: Non-Buyers Remorse.

Now boys, this post is not just for the ladies. Yes, we tend to spend our entire paycheck on a cute pair of shoes without blinking an eye, but I know some of you are huge techno geeks and have experienced this at one point or another.

Non-Buyers Remorse is that feeling you get when you wished you would have bought something, finding suddenly the exact purpose for it. But alas, you didn’t and now you are stuck carrying all the books you want to read on your 2 week vaca rather than downloading them into your Kindle.

I usually get Non-Buyers Remorse over clothes. Unless I’m buying for a specific reason, I tend to agonize over these purchases. Do I really need another bag/pair of shoes/flashy ring that I’ll probably never wear but could one day? (Yes, dear husband, sometimes I do need them. I promise to give away some of my bags the next time we make a trip to Good Will)

Yesterday I was struck with such a dilemma. I had a date with my friend and since I needed shoes for my trip to NYC this weekend, we decided to go shopping. Now a fact you must understand is that I’ve been obsessed with dresses for the last few summers and when they start hitting the racks I can’t help but waste an hour perusing them, trying to decide if I can afford/fit in my closet yet another dress. So it just seemed cruel that across the aisle from the shoes were rack after rack of glorious dresses. My friend happened to be in the market for a frock so we made our way over to the damned things.

In scanning the rack for my friend, I discovered a silky wonder. It was mid-calf length with scoops the came to the floor, criss-cross straps across the back and full of bright colors. A perfect summer dress. And when I tried it on, it highlighted some of my, ahem, assets just right. My friend went gaga over it. And while I loved it too, I had some reservations.

For one, it was silky, aka, I’m gonna stick to the back of your legs and and wrinkle and when you stand up I’ll stick to your back too, rising up just so your undies might show. Secondly, the two sweeps were brushing the floor and I was stepping all over them. And finally, it was baggy in my waist, something I’m trying to avoid these days since I’m finding my waist is actually pretty small (this, by the way, was a bit of a news flash for me).

I put it back and we began walking to her car when she squealed, “That was your risk!! You didn’t take it!” Then laughing she added, “I’m going to start using your blog as a way to get you to do what I want.” We joked and laughed about it and as she dropped me off she said, “And I think you should go buy that dress ;)”

I was still shoe shopping and after a few other stores I decided to go back to potentially get a pair of shoes we saw there. And try on the dress again. I was feeling so lame for not buying it before and was determined that buying it would be my risk for today.

But in truth, when I put it back on, I wasn’t in love with it. Yeah I liked it and yeah it looked good on me. But I didn’t love it. I made a decision a few months ago that I was only going to buy things that I love myself in and when this didn’t fit the criteria, I put it back.

I may regret this decision. It was a very nice dress and I’m sure I’d find a place to wear it. But the unknown is a part of risking. And if I regret it, then oh well.


Risky Thoughts

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